Body Composition Analysis Report Results

Knowing your body composition analysis results is fundamental to achieving and maintaining good health

We make the entire process easy, quick and informative with our Futrex 6100xl System which is the only body composition analyzer that accurately evaluates your essential fat, reserve fat and excess fat levels.

  • Essential Fat: The minimum amount of fat needed for good health
  • Reserve Fat: The fat above the Essential Fat, but still healthy to carry
  • Excess Fat: The fat that people need to be concerned about

In addition to evaluating all 3 fat levels, your body composition analysis results includes:

  • Percent Body Fat
  • Total Fat Mass
  • Total Lean Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Total Body Water *
  • Body Mass Index

* Your body frame size does not impact the body composition analysis result but it is used to help determine your specific hydration (water) level.   The test is simple too:

Place your left thumb and forefinger around your right wrist and gently squeeze your fingers together: Small Frame: Fingers overlap Medium Frame: Fingers touch Large Frame: Fingers do not touch Note: If you have long fingers, this method may underestimate your frame size and we'll compensate for that.


Body Composition Analysis Results - Your Personal Report

Snapshot Body Composition Analysis Report


The image above is a sample, your actual body composition report gives you a comprehensive 4-page detailed report on your current condition and we'll review it with you to cover additional information on possible areas for improvement. 

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