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Underwater Weighing is known as the “Gold Standard” of body fat measurement. Many people refer to it as the “dunk test.” All other methods, including our Futrex ® 6100XL Body Composition Analysis System, are calibrated to to this “reference laboratory. Underwater Weighing has a margin of error of plus / minus 3%. The Futrex ® System has the same margin of error precision as underwater weighing.

Futrex Gold Standard BCA

Body composition analyzer vs. gold standard detailed studies (5mb pdf) ...


The professional gold standard rated Futrex ® near infrared light (NIR) system is for anyone who wants a quick, simple, highly accurate body fat composition measurement report

  • Provides a direct measurement of percent body fat and hydration levels
  • Requires no pre-test protocols to follow
  • Requires no disrobing, no embarrassment
  • Is non-invasive and easy to complete
  • Delivers peer reviewed gold standard accuracy
  • Superior non-invasive near-infrared light technology
  • Takes just a few minutes to complete the test

How single site body fat measurement works

Futrex ® is the only gold standard method of measuring body fat that uses completely safe, near-Infrared light to directly measure percent body fat. Extensive U.S. Government research determined that the midpoint of the biceps has a direct correlation with the body’s overall fat level.

Body Composition Analysis on Arm

During measurement, the Futrex ® 6100XL Body Composition Analysis System sends a safe, near-Infrared light beam into the triceps at specific wavelengths that fat will absorb and lean mass will reflect. The light absorption is measured to determine body fat -- it’s that simple!

Body fat test results which are equivalent to underwater weighing are instantly displayed for you.


Body fat composition measuring reports include:

  • Percent Body Fat
  • Total Fat Mass
  • Essential Fat
  • Reserve Fat
  • Excess fat
  • Total Lean Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Total Body Water
  • Body Mass Index

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